Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jihad Tv cont...

Douglas Kellner has written extensively on the role of media in the production of spectacle, terror and propaganda and his article September 11, Spectacles of Terror, and Media Manipulation: A Critique of Jihadist and Bush Media Politics explores these themes in the context of media theory.

He comments that:

In a global media world, extravagant terror spectacles have been orchestrated in part to gain worldwide attention, dramatize the issues of the terrorist groups involved, and achieve specific political objectives. Previous al Qaeda strikes against the U.S. hit a range of targets to try to demonstrate that the U.S. was weak and vulnerable to terrorism...Terrorism thus works in part through spectacle, using dramatic images and montage to catch attention, hoping thereby to catalyze unanticipated events that will spread further terror through domestic populations.

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