Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jihad Tv (Cutting Edge) SBS

From program promo:

"Videos of smiling suicide bombers and insurgent attacks have become as important a weapon as explosives in Al Qaeda's global jihad against the West. Tonight's Cutting Edge looks at how the jihadis have seized the power of the internet and their message cannot be silenced. But who actually watches these videos and what effect are they having on young people in the Muslim world? And – for that matter – on their enemies in the West?"
(From the UK, in English and Arabic, English subtitles) M CC WS. Text from SBS (www.sbs.com.au)

This program in relation to media cultures studies has many relevant links to notions of idenity, stereotypes and how media used as propaganda. The role of user publishing (produser) or 'citizen journalism' (this term is very loosly in this context) is a central theme in the production of this type of video and interent media. There is an online version of Jihad Tv if you are interested in watching the entire documentary.

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