Monday, March 5, 2007

Mike Parr

Further to the Week 3 lecture and the discussion about stereotypes and power relations, here is an image of Mike Parr's 2002 performance 'Close the camps' as mentioned.

Adam Geczy's comments in his review of Parr's Internet Performance work in Real Time that:
"Performances such as these, which are dramatic in the way they both formalise and ritualise discomfort, as well as frame the scene of deprivation, have a distinctly different effect when they appear at home on the screen. What is most disturbing is the simultaneity of impotent deadness and uncomfortable proximity; the world wide web has on the one hand reduced this insane feat of bodily and psychological distension to the median level of cybernetic sameness, and on the other brings the performance so close to you and your living space that it invades it, infiltrates it."

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